Hack Sensor - Memory change is detected in the protection module

GM Rilard -

Dear Player,

Software may be getting flagged by Hackshield as a false positive.
•Make sure you are on an administrator Windows user account when attempting to play CSN:Z. If you are still encountering issues, please shut down Steam and launch it again by right clicking its desktop icon and choosing "run as administrator".
•Are you using video-capture (e.g., Playclaw), or game-community (e.g., Raptr) software which integrates into CSN:Z? Please shut down the programs, shut down Steam, relaunch Steam, and then relaunch CSN:Z to see if the problem is associated to that program.
•If problems persist, repeat the above steps but with shutting down all non-steam programs that may be running in the background (e.g., such as program icons in the lower-right corner of the taskbar)

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