OpenGL is causing problems! Where is D3D for my video settings?

GM Rilard -

If you encounter OpenGL errors interrupting gameplay;
•Make sure your video drivers are up to date, either through Windows Update or by selecting "Check for Video Driver Updates" function from within Steam.
•Lower the resolution setting from the Video Options in game.

It's also possible that your system is using the onboard graphic unit instead of dedicated card. This is especially true to notebook users.

You can check this guide on how to select default card:

YouTube™-Video: How to switch from intel hd graphics to dedicated AMD or Nvidia graphics card
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After watching this video you can configure your intel and dedicated AMD or Nvidia graghics card to play games smoothly.

You might also try to disable the onboard card:
"First reboot your computer and press F10 during restarting to enter your BIOS settings.
Switch the Graphics settings from "dynamic" to "fixed". This will ensure that your computer will not use the default card."

D3D has been removed as an option for the Video Options menu due to stability problems which may arise for certain game modes in CSN:Z. This may inconvenience players who prefer D3D over OpenGL and The CSN:Z Team will continue to investigate ways to help players transition to the different graphics mode.

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