Experiencing connection issues? Firewall may be blocking required ports

GM Rilard -

If you encounter problems with connecting to matches, or other similar connection related problems, it is possible a windows and\or network firewall is blocking ports CSN:Z uses to communicate between the player and the server.

Make sure all firewalls on your computer and network have the following UDP ports open;
8001 ~ 8020
40000 ~ 40200

1. Allow CSN:Z to communicate through Windows Firewall and any other firewall/security programs. This may need to be done manually if you are encountering issues launching the game, or in game.
2. Step #1 may also need to be completed in your router's control panel as it may also be blocking ports of communication.
3. Performing a scan for viruses and malware may also be valuable to ensure there are no malicious programs making your system unstable.
4. Temporarily disable all virus and malware security programs before relaunching Steam and CSN:Z to determine if they may be blocking communication ports.
5. Your ISP may also be controlling communication ports, contact your ISP to determine if they may be locking the UDP ports listed above..

As there are many different types of firewalls available for use, you may need to locate instructions for your specific hardware\software firewall to verify these ports are open.

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