Hack sensor is giving me an error (It is not defined, Failed to start the driver for hack blocking, Can not connect to the server)

GM Rilard -

Something may be preventing Hackshield from running and\or completing its update processes. This can be caused by 3rd party software conflicting with Hackshield in CSN:Z.
•Make sure you are on an administrator Windows user account when attempting to play CSN:Z. If you are still encountering issues, please shut down Steam and launch it again by right clicking its desktop icon and choosing "run as administrator".
•Determine if 3rd party detection software is conflicting with CSN:Z and Hackshield. If there are any anti-virus, anti-malware, or firewall programs running deactivate\exit them, exit Steam, relaunch Steam, and try to launch CSN:Z Again.
•Should problems persist, attempt to play CSN:Z with all other programs shut down on windows. This should be attempted to determine if there is a conflict with an unexpected program when it is running in the background.

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