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GM Mewlynne -

Hello player, 

If you cannot remember your account information details, we will not be able to assist with the verification process. Please keep in mind, it is up to you to remember all information that you entered when registering your Nexon account.

To be able to assist you with your issue, please be sure to provide as much of the information requested below in your ticket as possible.

Account Verification Questions:

  • When did you notice that you were unable to access the account?
  • Account’s registered email address
  • What type of account are you using to login with?
    • Nexon Account
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Steam
  • Account ID (if applicable)
  • If the email was changed from the registered e-mail address, please let us know what your previous e-mail address was.
  • Full first and last name as it appears on the account (may only be available on older accounts)
  • Registered birthday (MM/YYYY)
  • Which Nexon games do you normally play on this account?
  • The Security Questions & Answers on the account if selected

Purchase History Verification:

  • Please give the dates (in the last 90 days) of NX Purchased on the account in question (Credit Card, Paypal, Xsolla only).
  • Name of the items purchased
  • Dates the items were purchased

We also need you to provide us with a new email address that is not currently associated with another Nexon account.

***All personal information given to us will be redacted from the ticket once we verify account ownership. 

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